Isabel Aldrich PT, MSc.PT, CSCS

Isabel Is a physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. She currently works out of the University of Alberta’s Glen Sather Sport Medicine Clinic while practicing out of DeltaTrain Liberty Village every 4-6 weeks.

Isabel is a facilitator for the Glen Sather’s ACL rehab program (FAST: Functional Agility and Strength Training) and is a part of their knee team.

She also works out of Glen Sather’s Prevention and Return to Activity Centre, where she does more performance based rehab and return to sport testing.

Isabel is also a teaching assistant for the University of Alberta’s Masters of Physical Therapy program for their musculoskeletal course.

Her approach is evidence based physiotherapy that combines rehab with strength and conditioning principles to help you achieve your goals.

Assessment: 120$ (45 minutes- hour) 
Treatment: 90$ (30-45 minutes) 

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