Monday, October 7th, 2019

Heading into the 2019 Open over the next 5 weeks CrossFit and Burn programming will focus on slower eccentrics for our strength phase along with isometric holds during lifts so we can work on building tendon health especially for those of you participating in the Open, where depending on how many times you do the Open WOD you’ll be doing more volume, more plyo, and hitting higher intensities as you compete.

Both Burn and CrossFit programs over the following 5 weeks are designed to keep you moving and maintaining your strength base while continuing to build conditioning. Burn will incorporate slightly higher volume workouts for those of you not doing the Open in mind!

This year it’s back to Saturdays In The Open! Our regular class schedule will still run as usual, however if you’d like to do the Open WOD on Saturday we will be running the WOD from 12pm-1pm on the main side of the gym. Our Foundation class on Saturday will now be in the open gym area from 12-1pm for the next 5 weeks.

Email for any information about the Open and sign up online at

Let’s Go Team!