Monday, August 12th, 2019

Moving into August and September our programming for CrossFit will be centred on a couple of main objectives to get you Open ready.

1) Learning and practicing basic gymnastic skills as well as the more advanced movements (when ready) while building up our work capacity for larger sets. This means lots and lots of skill work, practice and more practice.

2) Barbell Cycling and our capacity to move weight while under fatigue. This means varying rest and rep schemes that build weekly in our strength work as well as lots of barbell complexes to get us ready to move that barbell efficiently and fast.

Lets Go Team!


A1) 5x 2 Clean Pulls + 3 Tall Cleans @ empty barbell/light weight

B1) 10min EMOM 2 Squat Cleans @70%

C2) Kipping Pull Up Skill


C2) E90sec x6: 20sec Max Effort Kipping/Butterfly Pull Ups, 70sec rest

10min AMRAP

10 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65

20 HR Push Ups

200m Run