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Nutrition Coaching in Liberty Village, Toronto. When you pair our workouts with good eating habits, you’ll supercharge and maintain your results.

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Alana is a certified Health and Nutrition Coach with a passion for supporting individuals to achieve their health goals in a sustainable way. With experience as an athlete herself (crossfit, competitive bodybuilding & endurance events), Alana has a comprehensive understanding of the unique dietary requirements and challenges faced by individuals and athletes. Alana specializes in developing personalized nutrition plans that seamlessly align with your goals and lifestyle, making your health journey both effective and enjoyable! Here’s what’s included in our personalized nutrition program:

  • In-depth onboarding call to ensure program is tailored to your exact nutritional needs
  • Personalized caloric and macro targets built for your specific goals
  • Recommendations for pre and post workout meals and supplements
  • Detailed sample meal plans with easy-to-make recipes
  • Weekly review of your food journal and activity tracking data
  • Personalized feedback and weekly adjustments to your program
  • Weekly phone call check-ins with Alana

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