How to keep going when motivation stops

Feeling stuck is something we all go through at times. When it comes to our physical fitness, it often means we stop working out, maybe even completely. Some might think it’s just because they’re not motivated, but after years of helping thousands, we’ve found it’s more complicated than that. 🤔💪

1) Start Small: Especially if you’re new to the gym, the excitement of rapid change can be tempting. You set an intense gym schedule and push even harder when you’re there, aiming for quick fitness results by exercising 6-7 days a week. But this intense approach can lead to an on-and-off pattern.

You might be able to hit the gym this intensely for a few months, but then you take a 6-month break. Even though it feels like you’re working hard, these stops and starts actually aren’t great for getting long term progress.

Instead, consider a workout plan you can stick to consistently for years without long breaks. Even just exercising twice or three times a week over a couple of years can lead to better long-term results than going all out 100% 6 days a week for a couple of months and then quitting. 🏋️‍♀️💨

Your body will appreciate the steady progress and patience.

2) Set New Goals: If you’ve been in the fitness game for a while and that gym excitement has vanished, it might be as simple as rethinking your fitness goals. 🔄🏋️‍♀️

Changing your goals doesn’t mean ditching strength training (we believe it’s a lifelong thing), but it’s a chance to reflect on what you really want to achieve.

Goal-setting can be a bit tricky. Sometimes, setting goals with tight deadlines like “I want to do a pull-up in 6 months” can feel disheartening if you don’t reach them when you expected to. Keep in mind, your brain might want things faster than your body can deliver. 🧠⏳

Instead, try focusing on the journey, those small victories along the way. Embrace the process, celebrate each bit of progress, and you’ll see that your goals become more doable and motivating. 🏆🙌

Make what you have to do each day the goal. So instead of having a goal to get a pull up within 6 months (which is very hard), you make the goal going to the gym 2x a week at 7am without cancelling on yourself. The action BECOMES the goal.

🗓️💪 Whether you eventually have a pull up will depend on a lot of factors, but being consistent, with consistent action (and not worrying about arbitrary timelines that you decided to make up for yourself) is the best way to get there.

3) Try Something Different: Exercise means various things to different people. Some find it fun, while others see it as necessary but not always exciting. If you’re struggling to muster the will to go to the gym, why not consider trying something new?

Joining a workout class where you exercise with other people or signing up for a group training program can help you stay on track with the added benefit of having buddies along the way. Experiment with different types of workouts until you discover one that you really enjoy and can stick with over time.

You won’t always be “motivated” every day, but doing something you’re genuinely interested in, having goals, and accountability buddies can help you stick with it

And remember, don’t forget the advice from points 1 and 2 above to make sure you keep your fitness journey sustainable and avoid getting burnt out.